Some machine learning methods:

How Amazon uses AI & Algorithms:

Amazon has a very low key approach in leveraging algorithms, machine learning and AI in contrast to Alphabet/Google, Facebook, Uber or Apple.

“We can’t say we’re out of stock,” says Andy Jassy, AWS’s boss. To ensure they never have to, Mr Jassy’s team crunches customer data. Amazon cannot see what is hosted on its servers, but it can monitor how much traffic each of its customers gets, how long the connections last and how solid they are. As in its fulfilment centres, these metadata feed machine- learning models which predict when and where aws is going to see demand.

Amazon Go: Go is Amazon’s cashierless grocery and it’s latest algorithmic venture. To figure out what items the shopper is picking up they are relying a bank of video cameras (an alternative may have been to use barcodes, RFID on items to figure out what is being shopped) — to build a profile (3D). This helps in tracking arms and hands as they are being used to handle and pick products from the shelves, and bill customers when they walk with their selections from the store.

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